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is an independent learning center and kindergarten in the Jenin refugee camp in Palesitne working towards the goal of raising a new generation of young individuals with choices and control over their lives.

The one year I came to the center changed me a lot. I was 17 years old and in my 12th grade. My family didn’t care a lot about education. My father had two wives. This is the life in the camp. But when I saw the center, it was like a bright star in the darkness. I met Mona. I saw how she was fighting to keep the center open. And at the same time encouraging the girls and the younger children to keep believing in their dreams. Since that moment I knew I wanted to help people as well.
Sara A., 23, Lawyer
Before I discovered the center I hated English very much. Learning English was a big problem for me. Because my father was dead and my mother couldn’t afford to enroll me in a good school. So for me my future was to only get married and have children, like my mother did. Then my friends told me about a center in the camp, where children can learn to improve themselves. At first I was scared that they wouldn’t accept me, because my English was very poor. But when I met Mona for the first time, I was surprised by her strength. And this for a girl who also lives in the camp. In five months not only did my English improve a lot, but I also became much stronger as a girl. Now I’m starting to look to get into the University to become someone important and to know more than one language.
Aseel A.,14, Pupil
Every child at the center knows that they can’t be accepted for more than 5 years in a row. It’s to give an opportunity for other children to learn English as well. One day I sat down with Mona. She asked me why I think that she would accept me again this year. I answered that she always says that the one who memorises 10 English words every month, she will give him or her an extra chance to stay longer at the center. From that time on, I memorise more English words. This way I hope that I won’t need to leave the center. Also I like when she compliments me on my studies. It encourages me that one day I will be a smart man and will be able to help my family.
Yazeed A. H., 22, Student
In April / May 2017 I was travelling, with a friend, in Israël and Palestine. It is nice to travel around, you can see a lot of difference between the two countries. After visiting Ramallah and Jericho we came , by chance, in the city of Jenin. From the travel guide we learned there is in Jenin still a refugee camp. We asked our hotel owner Ayman if it was possible to visit this camp. First I have to explain that our idea about a refugee camp was completely wrong. We thought we will see big tents of UNHCR. After passing a big horse made from pieces of iron, we entered the district of the Palestinian people who are the descendants of the inhabitants of Haïfa...
Godeliveve L., Teacher

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